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December 8, 2005
KATRINA: The Wrong Museum in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

The Club for Growth notes:

[T]he Army Corps of Engineers is, in large part, to blame for the levees breaking down in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Now, thanks to Republican Senator Thad Cochran, part of the funds being used to help pay for Katrina relief - approx. $13 million - will be used to build a museum celebrating the Army Corps of Engineers!

Let's repeat that.

Part of the money being used to fix the levees will be used to celebrate the government's inability to build levees that don't break.

Now, the Army Corps of Engineers has, in fact, had some accomplishments, but it's obscene to choose this time and place to siphon off money from rebuilding a mess that its own engineers were largely responsible for so as to build a museum in its honor. We should be discussing radical restructuring of the Corps right now, not a freaking museum.

Via Mary Katherine Ham, at Hewitt's place.

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There is always a problem with too many cooks, and also the issue of blaming SOMEBODY.

The Corps has a long history of being a sought after post. Robert E. Lee wanted ot, and got it, since he was such a brilliant candidate. Grant also applied, but of course, did not get in. They are now in control (well theoretically) of the entire US WAterfront, including canals, etc. Fine in theory, but not in practicality.

Louisiana, which let's face it, does not have a sterling histroy of non-corruption did what it could to make sure the funds meant for things such as levees went to more immediate, pocket lining needs, and you better believe politicians, who get to vote on all sorts of army appropriation bills, have a say. NOt to mention those levees that were, for reasons not explained (except see above I guess), NOT under Corps control.

Looked at more deeply, it does not take a brain surgeon to know that a major city should not be built at the intersection of an ocean/gulf, and major river, six meters below sea level in an area known to have major storms. However, it was also probably unavoidable. Port New Orleans is, aside from the hurricanes (that is meant to be said tongue in cheek BTW), as well located as New York in terms of harborage, but is, of course, much closer to the Panama Canal, making it far superior for trans Pacific freight moving. Being in the nation's mid-section makes it ideal. Well, port cities always grow up quickly, wild and wooly, so while New Orleans was a stupid idea waiting for a disaster, it was, and remains, an inevitable one.

I do agree that it is stupid to build that museum now, but, as you noted Crank, politicians sometimes can be disconnected from reality. To restructure the Corps is a great idea; the best way is to somehow, and I don't know how, make it immune from political pressure.

Posted by: Daryl Rosenblatt at December 9, 2005 9:50 AM
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