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December 6, 2005
WAR: Taking the "New" Out of "News"

The Washington Times on how coverage of Guantanamo Bay is outdated, including the fact that most of the photos used in news stories about Gitmo are from Camp X-Ray, which closed in April 2002.

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Because the WashTimes is about as credible as Drudge, which in turn is about as credible as the NY Post, which in turn is about as credible as WorldNetDaily, which are all about as credible as The Onion.

Ever seen the nut-jobber than owns and operates the WashTimes? Rev. Moon? A grade-A whack job. But that's merely icing on the cake that is his propaganda news network.

Posted by: John in Chicago at December 7, 2005 4:09 PM

so, JIC, that means which parts of the Times' report are wrong?

Posted by: Trusader at December 9, 2005 3:33 PM
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