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February 8, 2006
POLITICS: Haley Barbour - Not Running in 2008

If you're keeping score of potential 2008 candidates at home - you'll need a large wall to mount the tote board on - you can cross off Mississippi Governor and former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour, a favorite of some conservatives who gained new national respect for his handling of Hurricane Katrina:

Barbour, 58, said he intends to seek a second term as governor in 2007.

"There's no way I could run for president and do what I've got to do as governor. And, obviously, being governor comes first," said the former GOP national chairman, responding to questions from The Associated Press.

Barbour also dismissed the possibility of a run for vice president in 2008.

"Why would a Republican pick a running mate from Mississippi?" Barbour said, in his most definitive statement to date about his political future. "If a Republican doesn't carry Mississippi, he won't carry five states."

Personally, while Barbour's done a fine job as governor, I was never convinced that a Mississippi Republican could win a national election, especially a guy like Barbour who worked as a lobbyist, including for tobacco companies, a position that - like it or not - would have opened him to some fairly broad avenues of attack. Good luck to Barbour in what is now his main focus, getting his state back on its feet after Katrina.

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I think this is great news. We do not want to crowd the field. My favorite is George Allen. He sure sounds like a strong Conservative and that is what the country needs right now. The President has done a good job, but we have spent way to much money so far. It is time to rein in spending and let the current tax cuts and a few new ones really show what they can do.

Posted by: maddirishman at February 8, 2006 1:48 PM

Barbour is a really good guy, lobbyist or not. You're probably right about the liability, but he's still a really good guy.

Posted by: Attila (Pillage Idiot) at February 8, 2006 2:19 PM

If we lose in 2008 (God forbid) he could be an interesting candidate.

Posted by: Adam Graham at February 9, 2006 12:01 AM

If kissing the presidential ring is doing a good job for his constituents while FEMA did nothing, then he did "a heckuva job".

Posted by: AstrosFan at February 10, 2006 12:43 PM
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