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March 12, 2006
WAR: Rot in Hell, Slobo

Milosevic is dead, far too late. We may never know if the UN would ever have completed the trial.

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Here at the UN, we're tough on crime. Why, when it comes to genocidal madmen, death-by-lengthy-trial, as typified here, is just one of our favorite methods of punishment.

A personal favorite of mine was displayed by my good friend N. Chamberlain back a ways when he and the fellows in France "pretended" to lay down at the feet of a brutal dictator, only to rise again at the right moment and "play a role" in crushing said dictator. Boy did we fool him!

There is no length we won't go to carry out this shrewd tactic of action-by-inaction. Why just a few years ago, we successfully pretended to sit on our hands while hundreds of thousands were massacred - oops - I meant to say, when freedom fighters were liberating villages in Rwanda. Again this turned out to be the right tactic, just look at how well that all turned out.

Yes my friends, when it comes to brutal and/or genocidal despots, we here at the UN may look like a bunch of neutered hamsters, but to the trained eye of the more nuanced progressive mind, we are recognized as effective restorers of liberty and executors of justice.

On a side note, Iran had better watch out. If they think that they can just keep ignoring the next 47 UN resolutions telling them not to enrich uranium...they might be wrong...depending of course on what the US (aka, our spine) does about it.

Posted by: JB at March 12, 2006 1:51 PM

It's amazing how some people get one word or phrase that instantly conjure up images.

Here are some good ones:

Albert Einstein: relativity
Isaac Newton: gravity
Michalangelo: David

Then some beauts:

Hitler: genocide
Stalin: gulag
Mao and Pol Pot should rate some but I can't think of one, maybe Long March for Mao, but he didn't really earn it, and it doesn't qite evoke the many tens of millions of people he cause to be butchered.

And Milosevic has earned: Ethnic Cleansing. Great legacy Slobo.

BTW, thanks to Bill Clinton for doing what the gutless wonders of the Muslim worls failed to do: save hundreds of thousands of muslims from torture and death at the hands of others.

Maybe that's why he and George Herbert Walker get along so well: HW did send in the roops to liberate Kuwait. Let's face it, Saddam would have sold us the oil anyway.

Posted by: Daryl Rosenblatt at March 12, 2006 11:11 PM


Nice one.

Mao makes me think "Cultural Revolution."

A few others:

Nixon -- Watergate (and all the "gates" that followed)
FDR -- New Deal
Barry Bonds -- Steroids. I'm sorry, but those easy ones are sooooooo hard to resist.

Posted by: Mike at March 15, 2006 4:53 PM
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