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May 2, 2006
BASEBALL: Roto 2006

In general, there are few things less interesting to most people than hearing about someone else's fantasy baseball team, so feel free to skip over this post. But in the interests both of full disclosure and posterity, I annually review my Rotisserie draft here on the site. Let's start with the main roto team, drafted March 25 - AL league, traditional roto rules (4x4, 12 teams, $260 for 23 slots, 10 reserves):

CVictor Martinez23
CJason Kendall9
1BPhil Nevin7
3BBrandon Inge8
CIDan Johnson11
2BMark Grudzielanek4
SSWillie Bloomquist5
MIBJ Upton6
OFVernon Wells25
OFNick Swisher12
OFCurtis Granderson16
OFCorey Patterson11
OFBrian Anderson13
DHFrank Thomas6
PFrancisco Rodriguez34
PJeremy Affeldt2
PAJ Burnett16
PCC Sabathia17
PMatt Clement11
PJohn Lackey18
PDavid Riske2
PJosh Towers3
PGuillermo Mota1


1Hee Seop Choi1B
2Alex CintronSS
3Kyle LohseP
4Jaret WrightP
5Willie Harris2B
6Kelly ShoppachC
7Alex Gordon3B
8Robb Quinlan1B
9Juan CruzP
10Chris SnellingOF

The offense on this team has been great so far, and even the slow starters like Dan Johnson are beginning to hit and Corey Patterson's speed has been a big factor lately. I always aspire to have a team full of guys who have regular jobs, and with Cintron subbing for Upton, everyone in the lineup either plays everyday or - in the case of Cintron and Bloomquist - plays regularly enough to contribute. The offense has kept me around the top 3-5 slots in the league the past few weeks, fifth today down from third yesterday. And Choi gives me some depth to weather the inevitable Thomas and/or Nevin injuries, plus Upton and - maybe - Alex Gordon could give me some upside later in the year. I got outbid for a few guys I wanted at 2B, which is how I got the Gruzz, but he should be respectable, at least.

The pitching staff is another story - I always seem to draft at least one key player who gets hurt between draft day and Opening Day, and this year it was Burnett who was complaining about a sore arm right away, followed by Sabathia going down on opening night. Then Riske went out. That meant I had no choice but to rely on my rotation's back end, though by now I've stuck Towers and Affeldt on reserve and cut Wright and Lohse in favor of free agents John Koronka and Jamie Walker. Basically, Lackey and Juan Cruz have been my only effective starters, and that will need to change if I'm going to stay in the hunt. Also, I overpaid for K-Rod, who ended up the draft's most expensive closer while other people snapped up the likes of Chris Ray and Jon Papelbon cheap; I think next year I'm going to avoid $30 closers.

As you will see, I didn't realize how enthused I was about Lackey and Granderson until I ended up with them on all three teams.

Next, we move on to team #2, a 10-team NL/AL head-to-head league, drafted automatically through Yahoo on March 30, 5x5 (Runs and K included) - I ended up with the first pick in this one:

1Alex Rodriguez3B
2Jake PeavyP
3Ichiro SuzukiOF
4Carlos ZambranoP
5Carlos BeltranOF
6Joe MauerC
7Hideki MatsuiOF
8Jhonny PeraltaSS
9Rickie Weeks2B
10John LackeyP
11Jim EdmondsOF
12Johnny GomesOF
13Brad WilkersonOF
14Scott KazmirP
15Joe BlantonP
16Jeremy BondermanP
17Prince Fielder1B
18Chris RayP
19Juan UribeSS
20Jose ValverdeP
21Chris Shelton1B
22Curtis GrandersonOF

I'm regretting taking A-Rod over Pujols, although I guess if I'd taken Pujols I might not have had room for Shelton. I was amazed at how low I was able to get Beltran and Peralta. Thus far, Shelton and Gomes have been my big bats along with A-Rod. Matsui is much underrated as a Roto player; the guy never takes a day off and always bats with men on base.

I've already tinkered with this team a good deal, dumping Uribe in favor of Ian Kinsler (who got hurt thereafter, so I added JJ Hardy while Kinsler is DL'd), Wilkerson in favor of Fernando Rodney and now Blanton in favor of Noah Lowry, who should be back next week. Team is presently in second place.

Normally I only do those two teams, but this year for fun I decided to take the same Yahoo pre-draft rankings and enter them in a public league, same rules except 12 teams and fewer non-pitching roster spots:

1Johan SantanaP
2Jake PeavyP
3Carlos ZambranoP
4Lance BerkmanOF
5Felix HernandezP
6Hideki MatsuiOF
7Hank Blalock3B
8Rickie Weeks2B
9John LackeyP
10Tadahito Iguchi2B
11Johnny GomesOF
12Brad WilkersonOF
13Chris RayP
14Mike PiazzaC
15Juan UribeSS
16Aaron HeilmanP
17Chris Shelton1B
18Curtis GrandersonOF
19Orlando Hudson2B
20Ian Kinsler2B
21Jeremy HermidaOF

Unsurprisingly, this team looks a bit like the last one, but I was astounded by how strong my rotation was - Santana, Peavy, Zambrano, Hernandez and Lackey? - I guess the guys in this league just didn't rate starters that highly. Fat lot of good it's done me, given how badly they've all started besides Lackey. This one I've tinkered with quite a lot, cutting Hudson, Hermida, Uribe, Heilman, Wilkerson and most recently Iguchi (who is playing well but doesn't run as much as Weeks - I could regret that move) in favor of Rodney, Lowry, Coco Crisp, Hanley Ramirez, Nick Johnson, Orlando Cabrera and Brian McCann (I can't quite bring myself to cut Piazza, but I did finally bench him). Team currently stands in fourth place.

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With Victor Martinez's poor throwing would it be possible to concerning win shares
A. Figure out his yearly totals if he played more
B. Compare converted catchers pre and post catching figures?
C. Do catchers tail off more and sooner at end of career

Posted by: Pat McDonnell at May 3, 2006 9:15 AM

I have been critical of Martinez's throwing (he got someone the other day) but since the end of last July he is .384/.445/.597. He can throw like a girl and still catch for my team.

Posted by: jim at May 3, 2006 12:43 PM

I'm not saying sit him but get him in more games with that hitting and for more years. How many games has the worst fielding right or left fielder cost his team compared to a poor throwing catcher ? How many more games would Martinez win as a poor fielding great hitting outfielder who plays 150 games and pinch hit the rest for 5 more years than a catcher? I'm trying to get him in at least 150 more games over 10 years and 300 more games at the end of his career. Conservatively that is getting his .384/.445/.597 1200 more at bats.

Posted by: Pat McDonnell at May 3, 2006 1:55 PM

My bad the extra 5 years at end of career would yield perhaps 600 more games at the end for maybe 2500 more at bats. As a switch hitter who would still occasionally catch you could almost afford a roster spot for the worst hitting catcher ever as a late inning replacement if only that catcher could throw out baserunners.

Posted by: PatMcd at May 3, 2006 2:16 PM
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