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May 4, 2006
WAR: McCaffrey on Iraq

General Barry McCaffrey is - stop me if you've heard this one a lot lately - a retired general, a critic of Don Rumsfeld and a skeptic about the Iraq War. He also recently returned from his second trip to Iraq in as many years. Belmont Club has the story, and you may be surprised to hear what McCaffery thinks.

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General McCaffery offers valuable insight on the situation in Iraq and what is required to complete the mission.

He notes "armies don't win wars; countries win wars." And he also notes the mission in Iraq will require almost ten years and lots more resources. But he also notes we can achieve our goals if we stay focused.

We need more of these blunt assessments to determine where to go from here. The Bush Administration has downplayed the efforts required in Iraq since the planning stages.

To finish the job, we will have to stay there for several more years and it will cost hundred of billions more.

The other option is to pull out and let the company falter.

Option A is clearly the most responsible choice, but we never hear about it because politicians are too afraid of reality.

Posted by: patrick at May 5, 2006 11:41 AM
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