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June 12, 2006
BASEBALL: Poison Pens

Metsgeek runs down the various manufactured controversies involving Lastings Milledge and the media. The "Milledge high-fives the fans" story should hardly have been a controversy; granted, because big-leaguers don't do that, Willie Randolph was wise to sit Milledge down afterwards. But there's no good reason why big-leaguers shouldn't do it, and many players (Pete Rose comes to mind) have been lauded in the past for doing things that "just aren't done." The overreaction to every little thing with Milledge does help explain how some black players end up with complexes about the media; he's a kid, give him some space to get his bearings. There are also good examples of the loathesome Bob Raissman making trouble where it doesn't need to be - he wants the broadcasters to discuss a rape charge during a broadcast? There are kids watching! How does nobody get this?

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