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June 13, 2006
POLITICS: Never Mind

No indictment for Karl Rove. The statement from his attorney, Robert Luskin:

On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove. In deference to the pending case, we will not make any further public statements about the subject matter of the investigation. We believe that the Special Counsel's decision should put an end to the baseless speculation about Mr. Rove's conduct.

Chairman How isn't taking very well the news that he did all that digging in that huge pile Fitzmas morning and there was no pony. Hopefully, in time, we will find out what really happened - the true extent of Valerie Plame's "covert" status, how well known it was, who knew what and when and who said what and when. Assuming Scooter Libby goes to trial, much will likely come out then, but probably not everything. In the meantime, hopefully this will clear Rove to do more public appearances - he's actually a very sharp and impressive guy, and a strong spokesman for the president's agenda, his reputation as a secretive sorcerer notwithstanding.

UPDATE: The MinuteMan, of course, has been the go-to guy on this story for years, so go check out his review.

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