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July 21, 2006

This post by John Scalzi vivisecting a marketing email sent on behalf of Napster is side-splittingly hilarious. (H/t Instapundit) I actually got the same email - verbatim, of course, though my blog and readership are rather different - and just stuck it aside to review later because I couldn't immediately make sense of what it meant and it left me with a vaguely bad feeling that this was spam or a trick of some sort. Good marketing never makes you think it sounds like a 411 scam.

The postscript: if you believe a comment left on Scalzi's thread, apparently by the CEO of the marketing firm, Scalzi's post got the author of the email fired. The comment, by the way, claimed that the email was "specifically developed for outreach to a database of comedic fansites," which doesn't explain why it went to Scalzi (a novelist who writes sci-fi) or to me.

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