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July 7, 2006
WAR: Running Uphill

Far be it from me to laugh at the terror threat we face continuously here in New York City, especially an attack on the vulnerable bridges and tunnels that I travel through every day, but this did crack me up - the plot apparently contemplated a Hurricane Katrina-style flood from blowing up the Holland Tunnel, except, well:

Any plot to flood lower Manhattan by blowing up the Holland Tunnel is doomed to fail, experts say - because it would have to defy the laws of physics.

If the Hudson River surged into a ruptured tunnel, experts told the Daily News, the water would only rise to its own level - and might not even reach street level in the city.

"It might flood the Holland Tunnel, but that's all it's going to flood," said Allan McDuffie, an Army Corps of Engineers expert on New York flood patterns. "It's not going to get any higher than the level of the surrounding water."

The sidewalk at the entrance to the Jersey-bound Holland Tunnel is exactly 10 feet above sea level, federal maps show.

The lowest points in the surrounding Tribeca neighborhood are the same height - along Canal St. from the West Side Highway to Wooster St., and in a nest of streets surrounding the Soho Grand hotel.

They needed experts to explain the "laws of physics" that water does not flow up hill?

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Were they unaware that an island is, by definition, high ground ?

Posted by: Jerry at July 7, 2006 1:49 PM
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