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August 29, 2006
HISTORY: A George Romney Historical Puzzle

I've read a couple of sources (see here, here and here) saying that Mitt Romney's father, onetime Michigan Governor George Romney, was born in a splinter Mormon community in Mexico. Of course, we know that George Romney was a widely-touted but unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidency in 1968. My question is this: if George Romney was born in Mexico, to a family that had lived there for more than two decades, how was he "a natural born Citizen" of the US eligible to be president under Art. II Sec. 1 of the Constitution? Am I missing something?

UPDATE: Erick at RedState answers.

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Then I have the answer to the imigration issue. We naturalize the Mexicans that are here and give them incentives to return to Mexico. That way they will be breeding little Americans there and we can take their country over from the inside instead of the other way around.

Posted by: maddirishman at August 30, 2006 10:16 AM
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