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October 3, 2006
BASEBALL: Barry Zito Market Value Watch

All signs point to "up": Twins hitless through 4, now scoreless through 5.

UPDATE: 8 innings, 1 run, and Zito lowers his career postseason ERA to 2.43. And The Frank is Mighty and Shall Prevail: Frank Thomas homers twice. A's lead 1-0, Santana or no Santana.

IN OTHER NEWS: Kenny Rogers is under police investigation for choking. No, seriously.

And El Duque is questionable for Game One due to a calf injury. It's almost Lima Time! Either that, or Glavine does the Old Hoss Radbourn routine and starts every game.

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El Duque injured himself running and needs an MRI? Not good.

Can Mr. Met pitch?

Posted by: Mark at October 3, 2006 2:38 PM

Forget Mr. Met. We may see Oliver Perez pitching in a playoff game.

I know there's no crying in baseball.

So turn around and leave me alone for a minute.

Posted by: Mike at October 3, 2006 2:52 PM

Who would have thought that I would be far more worried about El Duque's leg then Pedro.


Posted by: Rory at October 3, 2006 2:54 PM

Rory: So true. El Duque's pitched so well lately that his injury has me far more concerned than Pedro's. I never thought that would happen.

Oh man, let it be a minor injury.

Posted by: paul zummo at October 3, 2006 3:05 PM

If El Duque can be okay for game 3, I don't think that's the end of the world. Maine is a pretty viable option. If the Mets actually need to find a fourth starter, their options are pretty grim - I guess Dave Williams would be the guy.

Posted by: Jerry at October 3, 2006 4:20 PM

Now he's "doubtful". Hernandez told Newsday that he pulled it and it's not a cramp.

Gah. Please just kill me now.

Posted by: mikeski at October 3, 2006 4:20 PM

Maybe Victor Zambrano is ready to come off the DL.

Somebody wake me up after the Yankees' ticker tape parade is over.

Posted by: Al at October 3, 2006 4:28 PM

Jeez man. When it comes to you guys' pitching staff if it weren't for bad luck ya'll would have no luck at all.

Posted by: Dwilkers at October 4, 2006 7:06 AM

No, Dwilk, it could be worse. No Lima Time!


Posted by: Mike at October 4, 2006 11:02 AM
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