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June 12, 2007
BLOG: Catchy Tunes

There really is nothing that says New York quite like walking through Penn Station early in the morning listening to South American immigrants playing "Hotel California" on the pan flute, is there?

Ever have a song stuck in your head by someone who never sung it (at least, as far as I know)? Had that the other day, had Barry White singing the WKRP theme song. And well, I should add. Once a few years back it was Britney Spears (I must have just heard a song on the radio - I couldn't hum the tune to two of her songs) singing the Kinks' "Till the End of the Day," another time Wilson Pickett doing Bon Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye," much better than the original.

"Baby, if you ever wonder..."

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I am glad someone else has this. Happened to me the other day - heard "Time After Time" on the horrible sound system in the local grocery store, and thought it sounded like a Kelly Clarkson song, and it got stuck in my head that way.

Whatever this thing is, it needs a name. Like "un-cover" -- a cover version that doesn't actually exist anywhere except in imagination.

Posted by: Northbound at June 12, 2007 5:12 PM

My favorite is the guy in all black with the custom electric violin. After hearing him (by the 7th Ave end by gates 20 and 21) I hear that tune for the next hour.

Posted by: Daryl Rosenblatt at June 12, 2007 7:53 PM
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