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August 8, 2007
BLOG: Movable Type Bleg

I'm currently running Movable Type 3.33. I am trying to create new authors on my blog - I will be going on vacation in the near future and have guest bloggers lined up - and need to figure out how to add new authors. I can find my way to the "Authors" page, which is supposed to allow you to add authors, and can even edit the permissions of the existing authors, but there seems to be nowhere on the page to add new authors or edit the names of the existing ones. Anybody know enough about MT to help me out here? I'd try tech support but I don't even know how to contact MT (their site boots me off every time I try to login), plus I suspect that even if they still support 3.33, it will cost an arm and a leg to get an answer to a simple question, if I can even get one in time.

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Without seeing what you have, it looks like you do not have "Systems Administrator" permissions? I think the only way to get the "Create New Author" link is to make sure you are a Systems Administrator. You might only be a "Blog Administrator".

Click your login name in the upper right corner of the management screen to open your profile, and look at the Permissions box (right side of the screen?).

Screenshot would be good, but I'm guessing it'll be like:
General Permissions
( ) System Administrator
( ) Create Weblogs
( ) View Activity Log
(x) Baseball Crank
(x) Entry Creation
(x) Upload File
Until that SysAdmin is checked, you might be SOL on adding new authors. If it is checked - well, that's a problem in itself. If your host controls many Admin functions, they would have to add new authors.

Post if you get more - and, I think MT is only on 3.35, though you still might only get forum support. Best of luck.

Posted by: Dave at August 9, 2007 2:15 AM

Thanks, that's basically it except this:

(x) Create Weblogs
(x) View Activity Log

Guess I gotta ask one of the people who set the blog up to change that.

Posted by: The Crank at August 9, 2007 10:56 AM
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