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October 29, 2007
BASEBALL: Title Town

Congratulations to the Red Sox, and also to the Rockies, whose run was one for the ages even if the coach did turn to a pumpkin at the end.

Of course it is possible that some year will yet see a Boston team losing a world's championship.

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thanks! city of champions!

Posted by: Brendan at October 29, 2007 12:39 AM

The Yankees are so 20th century.

Posted by: Daryl Rosenblatt at October 29, 2007 9:47 AM

In 2004 for game 4 I was as tense as you can imagine still feeling like the Cardinals were a good enough team to make things tight and that the Sox were, well, still the Sox. Last night I did not even bother watching until the 5th inning (largely because I was still working) and was completely unconcerned the entire contest. No doubt in large part because, while the Rockies are a scrappy team, they are no where near being in the same category as the Red Sox and even a comeback win last night only earned them the right to face Josh Beckett.

Classy move on Boras' part last night. Smart but not exactly in good taste but I guess that is what you get with that guy.

Posted by: jim at October 29, 2007 11:23 AM

I'm not sure how it's even smart to opt out without even listening to the Yankees' offer. You would think that would set a baseline for talking to other teams.

Posted by: Jerry at October 29, 2007 12:42 PM

Clint Hurdle turned into a pumpkin?

Posted by: Joel at October 29, 2007 6:58 PM

All the days off really killed the Rockies momentum. I think the Sox planned a 7-game ALCS just to make sure that the Rockies lost every ounce of momentum..

Posted by: A.S. at October 29, 2007 8:10 PM

Clearly David Stern engineered the sweep to ensure that NBA opening night would have the sports calendar to itself!

[/Sports Guy]

Posted by: SK at October 29, 2007 10:43 PM

The Red Sox are traditionally an early part of the century team -- so this is really nothing new, and get ready for another dozen or so years of dominance.

Posted by: Patrick at October 29, 2007 10:48 PM

Let's face it. At this point, rooting for the Red Sox is like rooting for General Motors.

Posted by: Joshua Sharf at November 4, 2007 9:48 AM

Except that the Red Sox aren't in the kind of precarious financial condition GM is.

Posted by: The Crank at November 4, 2007 12:14 PM
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