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January 7, 2008
POLITICS: An Old Familiar Tune

Megan McArdle:

I find it hard to believe that, in this day and age, anyone is really making an issue of Obama's purported ability to transcend partisanship. Whether it's Paul Krugman lamenting that he just doesn't have the steely will to really stick it to the right, or fawning fans gushing that Barack's transcendant appeal will finally unite us all into one big pulsating mass of Obamamaniacs, I have the same reaction: didn't I already graduate from high school? More to the point, didn't they?

Now granted: Obama does have the advantage, in a general election, that unlike Hillary he doesn't carry the baggage of having already made scores of enemies and inflicted and endured scores of battle scars in Beltway partisan warfare. But the idea that a man whose policy proposals are invariably standard-issue liberal Democrat talking points is somehow a nonpartisan figure is indeed laughably naive.

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More to the point, didn't they?

Some of them did rather recently & are busy typing embarrassingly juvenile posts for the American Prospect about Obama. Partly naive, mostly attempting to "change the narrative". After all, these folks would donate a testicle if it meant a Democrat winning the election (don't squirm, all of you know it's true).

Posted by: RW at January 7, 2008 9:23 PM

He reminds of our current governor her in Massachusetts who ran on the same empty platitudes and has lately been gushing over the former State Senator from Illinois.

Our governor's big slogan was 'Together we can...' After his first year in office, the one accomplishment he can point to is stymieing any chance of a state wide referundum on gay marriage. For many constituents, I am sure, that alone makes him a hero. And even I am glad to have the distraction behind us.

But otherwise, he has not been able to get anything done. He complains the legislature drags its feet; they must not have heard all the neat slogans.

But thank god they are ignoring him. Every other day he wants to issue another bond for another worthy cause. I think politicians should be required to substitute the phrase 'lets put it on the taxpayers credit card' everytime they say 'we'll issue a bond."

And his other big, transcendant plan the meanies in the legislature have sidestepped is opening three mega-casinos in this state - one two miles from downtown boston. How's that for a feel good cause -- lets exploit the working class a little more by expanding the government's monopoly on an addictive product.

Posted by: Patrick at January 7, 2008 9:32 PM

Ricky - The question is, whose testicle?

Posted by: The Crank at January 7, 2008 9:51 PM

I think the argument that independants who don't really share his ideology, or even Republicans who really don't, ought to vote for Obama to "transcend partisanship" is at best silly, and at worst stupid. I do think there is merit, though, to Democratic concerns that Obama isn't partisan enough. One of the roles of the President is to push for the goals of his party, and if he won't lead in that regard, it will be hard for the party to follow.

Posted by: Jerry at January 7, 2008 10:21 PM

Obama's foreign policy policy proposals at first reminded me of Jimmy Carter, but since he seems to think we are not sufficiently engaging Iran, I now more see him as a reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain. He may get away with it because virtually nobody in his voting demographic has the foggiest idea of who Chamberlain was or why his policies of engagement at Munich were so disastrous. Tyrants do not change whether they are Nazis or Islamic fascists. They want to destroy us, and the only difference is the degree of stealth that they use. Obama would be like a blind man in a tiger cage.

Posted by: NRA Life Member at January 7, 2008 10:41 PM

donating testicles? If a significant number would do that, it would wreak havoc with their ability to re-populate, further intensifying the Roe Effect...I dunno, if they make the offer, I think we listen..

Posted by: Maryland Conservatarian at January 8, 2008 1:37 PM

I hope and pray Obama's pleas for bipartisanship are a ruse.
If he really believes what he says , he (and America) are doomed. His good tidings talk sounds like he wants to bring a Birthday card to a knife fight.

Enough with the Chamberlain analogies. The GWOT is NOTHING like WWII.
1) Back then we fought a real enemy, with an army and everything.
2) Back then ALL Americans actually sacrificed for the cause. (i.e paper drives, scrap metal drives, gas rationing, etc)
Now we're asked to sacrifice our civil rights only.
3) Back then, those who supported the war enlisted to fight it. (Could you imagine something so strange?)
4) Back then you might be reminded of the "ultimate sacrifice" by seeing a photo of a soldiers flag-draped coffin.

BTW, if you mean the right-wing corporatists (who have taken over the country) being the tyrants who can not be appeased into changing, I'm with you.
Did you see Ron Paul's supporters chasing down Hannity?
The natives are getting restless, and they're onto the fact the media has been lying to them. This is only the beginning.
A real entrepreneur will open a torch and pitchfork shop pronto.
The American people might make me proud yet.

Posted by: Robert in BA at January 8, 2008 3:32 PM
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