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March 5, 2008
BASEBALL: Cooler Than Cool

Matt Cerrone gets Johan Santana to teach him how to throw a circle change-up:

[T]he way he does it, the seams rotate in the same direction as his fastball, deceiving the batters even more, because, as he put, "These hitters are not stupid."...the funny thing is, i think that grip is fairly's just, he is so disciplined in his delivery, that when coupled with the consistent rotation, it's just impossible to pick up which pitch he is throwing because initially they all look exactly the same...

"This is why I focus so much on my release point, because that's what makes my change-up better," he explained to me. "I want to make sure all of my pitches look the same, and so I get the same release point and same arm speed every pitch. And that takes time. That's what I work on. Not just the grip, but everything from head to toe so that everything can look the same. We worked on all of that until we got it right. That's how I approach my games, my batting practices, my bullpen sessions. I am very serious when I throw my bullpen. I'm not just throwing. I want to make sure that everything is in place, from location to mechanics to delivery to release point. Everything. It's not just the grip. There are a lot of things involved in throwing a change-up." fact, the reason he likes the pitch so much is because it does not involve any twisting of his elbow, saying, "It does not put any pressure on the elbow, and it keeps it loose."

Read the whole thing. OK, everything else I have done in my blogging career now feels small.

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