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April 6, 2008
POLITICS: Quick Links 4/6/08

This is basically a continuing roundup of stuff I didn't get to over the past month or so:

*A fascinating map of the U.S. on religious-denomination grounds. Except for McCain's win in South Carolina and Huckabee's in Iowa, this could double as a map of the GOP primaries, with Huckabee in the Baptist areas, McCain in Catholic areas and Romney in the Mormon and Lutheran areas.

*A fine oppo-dump on Obama and Hillary from Jon Henke.

*Jim Geraghty and Tom Maguire note that for all of Obama's supposed bipartisanship, he's been MIA or on the other side for all the great battles in which McCain actually got in there and made bipartisan agreements happen.

*Thoughts on why Joel Surnow made 24 work not through his conservative ideology but simply by being conservative enough to avoid being imprisoned by liberal shibboleths. H/T.

*Don Carcieri's battle against illegal immigration in Rhode Island.

*Ten years of declining temperatures? Not disproof of global warming, which remains non-falsifiable.

*Rudy for Governor?

*Nice try, Chairman How. If nothing else, the D primaries have been a reminder that Howard Dean should never be allowed to run anything, ever. And yet, these same people want to run our health care system.

*McCain on Churchill and naval contsruction. It's a good read; it's never clear how much a prominent politician does of the writing when books are published in his name (McCain generally works with Mark Salter, his chief speechwriter), but this one is a subject near and dear to his heart.

*Yes, the Iranians fund the Sunni insurgents, too. And why would they not? The McCain campaign's statement on that here.

*Classic John Derbyshire quote: "Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy." A reminder of why Derbyshire, for all his bizarre eccentricities and hobby horses, used to be worth reading.

*This lawsuit was inevitable.

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Rudy for Governor. Well, I am hoping that Bloomberg wants the job, and convinces Ray Kelly to be mayor.

And the stupid McCain lawsuit? Well, the Constitution says "natural born citizen." We know Madison was literate, and certainly read Macbeth at least once, so perhaps we should therefore read natural born in the Macbethian manner, and only those who came out by Caesarian can't run. That also means, the question about those who took anesthesia makes them non-Lamaze, so they can't run either.

Or the court can rule they don't have standing, that only the head of the FEC has standing. It can mean so many things, that in a way the suit is good, because it can be clarified at last. But couldn't we at least have an interesting one, like maybe someone who was born on moonbase, or Starbase 10 or something? Does this mean a Guamian (Guamite? Guamo?) can't run? DC is not a state, I guess that means Marion Barry can't run. OK, so maybe that was a bad example. James Kirk can run. He's from Iowa. Spock can't, even if Amanda is an American (will be?), but if he was born in an embassy, can he run? I don't even know if that is logical.

Posted by: Daryl Rosenblatt at April 7, 2008 10:30 AM

Strict constructionist?

Posted by: Robert in BA at April 8, 2008 10:01 AM
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