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April 2, 2008
POLITICS: Yes, She Can?

RedState diarist horaceox, also of and, has an awesome post looking at the Hillary-Obama race on a county-by-county level, with lots of cool demographic and topographic (yes!) maps to support his thesis that Hillary can get the votes she needs to pass Obama in total popular vote (a soft spot for Democrats since 2000) by carrying over her strength in the Appalachian sections of Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia and similar areas of Indiana. I think he's probably right that, given six weeks to gear up and lots of mischief-minded Republicans switching party registration, turnout in Pennsylvania's primary could be huge; I think he's also right that the Chicago-based Obama won't get a hometown-ish bounce in Indiana, very little of which (even cities like Indianapolis and Gary) is much like Chicago.

What that all means remains speculation, but at least it's informed speculation.

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