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June 23, 2008
BASEBALL: Role Reversal

You know, one thing that's been driving me up the wall lately is the media's newfound effort to turn Willie Randolph into a martyr (best example here, and while I can't fault the Daily News for jumping at the exclusive, there's also Randolph's own maudlin account). I never bought into some of the more heated criticisms of Randolph, but I accepted the fact that the time came when he simply had to go, as unpleasant as the process of dumping a manager mid-season is. Yet somehow, the same media that spent the past year and a half burning effigies of Randolph now wants to make the man out to be some sort of innocent victim of a dire conspiracy. The truth is a lot less dramatic, in all directions.

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In the end, I think these guys just need to make deadline, so they'll write virtually anything without regard to consistency.

Obviously, this is a very broadstroke, and if I were not being paid at this moment to actually do a real job, I could probably Google around to find exceptions to my generalization. Nonetheless, it does not surprise me.

In fact, I see Jerry Mauel is already being elevated to "read negative connotation" Ozzie Guillen status by the NY Post (and linked to by Drudge). How long before, "He's gotta go!!" becomes the headline of the day?

Posted by: NRA Life Member at June 23, 2008 5:24 PM

I think a fair amount of this comes from the fact that Willie has always been a Yankee guy, and some of these late-to-the-discussion columnists are as well.

Posted by: Jerry at June 23, 2008 6:37 PM
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