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October 7, 2008
POLITICS: 10/7/08 Quick Links

*As Glenn Reynolds would say, they told me that if George W. Bush was re-elected, billionaires would have a veto over political really should watch that SNL skit if you can before it is deep-sixed permanently. It's so rare for late-night comedy to take on the Democrats' policies, rather than just gingerly needling their personalities.

*Via Ace, we have Patterico on the track of an LA Times report that simultaneously refused to report McCain's criticisms of Obama on the economic crisis while accusing McCain of being afraid to talk about the economic crisis. I heard a radio report last night on WINS that did exactly the same thing - it quoted McCain and Palin's lines about Obama's integrity but not McCain's specific factual charges about Obama and the economy, accused them of "dredging up dirt" and then pivoted to Obama talking about the could not make this stuff up. It's why McCain needs to do his own dirty work tonight.

*On the other hand, thumbs up to CNN for this, which calls out Obama's untruths about Bill Ayers, and includes new reporting quoting Alice Palmer, the leftist state senator who Obama succeeded in office:

The Obama camp and its media allies have used a couple of rhetorical strategies to deal with this. One is to talk solely about occasional meetings; believe nothing you hear from anyone who refuses to address Stanley Kurtz's reporting (which CNN actually reveals here) on Obama steering millions of dollars to Ayers' left-wing "educational" programs. Another is to claim that Ayers and Dohrn were somehow obscure figures (who just happened to be profiled periodically by national newspapers) and that Obama had no reason to know they were terrorists...of course, even aside from the fact that their background was well known in Hyde Park, Erick at RedState notes the extensive publicity about the Weather Underground at the time of the 1996 Democratic Convention in Chicago, and there's also the fact that Obama was living in New York attending Columbia University in October 1981 during the Brink's heist, which was huge front-page news in New York for months. The Brink's case is why I immediately knew who these people were when Obama's ties to them surfaced, and I'm ten years younger than Obama. One of the defendants in that case was Kathy Boudin; when Obama dealt with Ayers & Dohrn, Boudin and her husband were in prison and Ayers and Dohrn were raising her son as their own. I may not think much of Obama but even I don't think he was obtuse enough not to have known who these people were.

(Note to Obama supporters insistent on denying that this story means anything: please first have the decency to admit Obama's lying about it).

UPDATE: Want another piece of the puzzle? Kathy Boudin's brother Michael was a lecturer at Harvard Law School when Obama was there (in fact, he was my antitrust professor). Did Obama take his class? Michael Boudin is, of course, an infinitely more respectable figure than his sister - he'd served in the Reagan Justice Department and in 1992, shortly after Obama graduated, Judge Boudin was appointed to the federal appellate bench by George H.W. Bush - but his family ties were the sort of thing one would routinely discuss about a member of the Law School faculty.

*Ross Douthat argues that Republican appeals to social issues, or even ads that were accused of being racially divisive, have tended to be effective only when they were grounded in concrete economic or safety concerns. Meanwhile, when it's racist to criticize Barney Frank, well, the word has lost its meaning. One liberating feature of this campaign is that Republicans have been accused of being racist for pretty much every single thing that has been said or done, or at least every thing that was even remotely effective...after a while even the most timid of Republicans have to accept that the charge will get made no matter what means that it should not act as any sort of a restraint or deterrent on political dialogue. I mean, if it's racist to criticize Barney Frank and Bill Ayers, if it's racist to connect Obama to a multimillionaire CEO and former Cabinet official, if it's racist just to show video of Obama in front of backdrops he himself chose, well, the word is apt to lose all its meaning.

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I heard the same news report from WNBC. That McCain was lobbing personal attacks at Obama while the Obama-Biden campaign "chose to stick to the issues".

Like the Keating Five, right?

Back to 107.1 The Peak.

Posted by: spongeworthy at October 7, 2008 12:59 PM

How is mentioning the Keating Five a personal attack. You keep mentioning how McCain has a deep record, but then, when some of it (the part that cost taxpayers billions--with a B), that's not allowed? I would think that how a candidate handled banking issues while we now live through the biggest upheaval since 1933 germaine. And don't forget, McCain was 52 years old then. Maybe he learned since then, but this was not a youthful indiscretion.

So that is sticking to the issues.

Posted by: Daryl Rosenblatt at October 7, 2008 2:39 PM

mcain is a decent guy, but there is no way he is going to win this election. plain and simple bush failed us. mcain voted with bush 90% of the time. the best mcain can come up with is that obama had associations with 60's radicals. well the 60's were a turbulant period in american history. and a period were "radicalism" was needed to put change into america. obama might get 400 electorial votes.

for mccain to win, he needs to drop falin, get a legit moderate republican, stop the fear mongering swift boat tactics and run an honest issue based campaign. and even then he still might not win.

Posted by: leonid andreyev at October 7, 2008 4:42 PM

Basically, McCain is losing big with the Independents...Obama is not seen as a bad guy, he's seen as being scary smart, thoughtful and an inspirational speaker...The guilt by association stuff plays both politics, there are always people out there whom you disagree as to tactics but perhaps agree with their ultimate philosophy...I'm sure there are some Operation Rescue people that have served on some board with McCain, whom McCain knows, who have funded or been involved with domestic terrorism related to women's health clinics...

Posted by: AstrosFan at October 7, 2008 5:04 PM

that is a FANTASTIC point. Perhaps you should be the next Astros manager, 'cause they don't seem to be able to put together a full season of good baseball these days. Although Selig and McClane making them play in Milwaukee after the hurricane didn't help matters.

Anyway, GO ASTROS and great argument.

Posted by: macsonix at October 8, 2008 5:30 PM

It doesn't surprise me, the Ivy-Leaguers stick together. They're elitist illuminati who have ties to each other, and whether they're in the mainstream media workforce, or any other profession, they will help their fellow liberals out.

Posted by: Ms. Know at October 25, 2008 1:23 AM
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