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May 18, 2009
POLITICS: Taking Down Corzine

WaPo looks at the race to the June 2 New Jersey GOP Gubernatorial primary, as corruption-busting former US Attorney Chris Christie faces off against conservative Mayor Steve Lonegan for the chance to go after the unpopular Jon Corzine. In contrast to some of the other races this year, I happen to think the GOP should go with the more moderate Christie in this one, especially since a guy who made his name indicting scores of corrupt New Jersey politicians (the bulk of them Democrats, of course, but by no means all of them) is the right choice to clean up Trenton.

It's noteworthy that despite obituaries for the GOP in the Northeast, there are GOP Governors in Connecticut, Vermont and Rhode Island and a significant shot at the statehouse in New York and New Hampshire (in Massachusetts Deval Patrick's in dire trouble but more likely to lose a primary), as well as a fighting chance to pick up Senate seats in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, maybe even Delaware. Most all of those races will turn largely on the national mood in 2010 (or in Corzine's case, this fall), and it's wildly unlikely that Republicans will sweep them, but the obituaries may yet prove premature.

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It's telling that Corzine in currently polling behind both Republican contenders - center and right - in a blue state.

But Corzine has unlimited funds and an unlimited thrist for power. The only part of the economy in the state that has grown in his tenure is government, and the state's employees and the unions back him 100%. Would not be suprised to see him eek out a slim win based on a voluminous amount of misleading ad spending and a strong "get out the vote(r fraud)" push.

The state is a great image of what Obama want to do to America - unlimited social welfare spending, tightened grip on personal freedoms, and taxation so extreme that "rich" keeps getting defined further and further down (to $150K as per the most recent budget).

I post on this race fairly frequently; if anyone's interested:

on his recent polling status:

on his plans to interfere with the Republican primary:

And this one's got a hithero-unknown Joe Biden gaffe (that I guess only Jersey people get):

May God have mercy on us...

Posted by: Jersey at May 18, 2009 1:50 PM

It's ridiculous how you go from your post objecting to Charlie Crist last week to this post favoring Christie this week.

I despair that the base of my party is schizophrenic. Maybe one of these days, we'll learn how to win again.

Posted by: A.S. at May 18, 2009 7:48 PM

It's only inconsistent if you think we can survive as a 100% moderate party or a 100% conservative party. I believe neither, so while - all things being equal - I prefer the conservative, I recognize that all things are not equal. Florida is not New Jersey, Senators are not Governors, Lonegan is not Rubio, Christie is not leaving an open large-state Governorship, and Corzine is an incumbent rolling in cash, not an iffy challenger.

All successful parties are schizophrenic. The GOP needs a little more purity these days in terms of not sending people to Washington who vote in a far-left agenda, but it's never going to win anything if it kicks the moderates to the curb entirely.

Posted by: Crank at May 18, 2009 7:55 PM

I think Patrick is more likely to have Axelrod get him something or other and avoid the embarrassing election that is looming. Since I'm shopping for a house in NH - I likely won't be voting in Taxachussetts next time around, but there is a lot of buyers remorse about Deval and Christie (the Independent who ran against Romney's Lt. Governor.)

Posted by: Brendan at May 28, 2009 3:06 PM
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