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September 25, 2009
WAR: Scrubbed

Goldfarb looks further at what the Administration has been telling the generals about troop requests in Afghanistan. Nothing terribly dramatic here, but it pieces together with everything else we've been seeing lately about the mounting tension between the military commanders and the Administration.

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I just went back in your archives and read your stuff during the run-up to the Iraq War in 2002-2003. Hilarious! Let me know when you're right about something.

Posted by: Berto at September 25, 2009 11:03 AM

Hey Crank maybe we can have a post or two on how O' bumbler is now talking about Iran's secret nuclear program. The same program that trolls like Berto were calling lies when Bush was talking about them 2 years ago. Maybe we could also get something on how the O'bumbler admin. is saying the exact same things regarding closing Gitmo and getting rid of the detainees that the Bush Admin said.

A double heaping of crow for Berto and his merry band of trust fund revolutionaries.

Posted by: dch at September 25, 2009 1:34 PM

I've seen this show before. My favorite part is when Colin Powell makes an ass of himself in front of the UN, and those who would never, ever fight a war themselves stick their chests out like tough guys as they call for more of somebody else's kids to die.

As for Obama vs. Bush, looks like the Democrats are sticking to their campaign motto: We'll sell you out to corporate interests at a slower rate than the GOP.

Posted by: Berto at September 25, 2009 6:02 PM

Wash Post tells us that BO-zo goes to John Kerry for his military advice. Post also tells us that Kerry is still obsessed with Vietnam and still hasn't figured out what really happened there.

And Berto, the Dems sell out to special interests (corporate and others) constantly. The Democratic Party is nothing but a massive RICO violation.

Posted by: stan at September 27, 2009 8:43 AM

"And Berto, the Dems sell out to special interests (corporate and others) constantly. The Democratic Party is nothing but a massive RICO violation."
No argument here. I just said they'll do it slower than the GOP. The 2-party system is like having 2 engines in your car as it drives the nation off a cliff.

If one wants to know what really happened in Vietnam (along with anything else), one will listen to the Dirty F'n Hippies--who history has shown to be proven right about everything.
Remember when they said the Iraq War would last more than 6 months, would cost more than $15 billion, and that the US would build embassies there because it's about occupation?. Those claims were met with derision from the "liberal media". Those claims were all so proved 100% correct.
DFH=Always correct, despite what the "liberal media" tells you. Once you figure that out, you might notice the media isn't liberal at all.

Posted by: Berto at September 27, 2009 11:55 AM
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