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April 2, 2010
BASEBALL: Hard Contact

This came up in the comments of my JD Drew post and I thought it would make an interesting post of its own. Manny Ramirez is 15th all-time in strikeouts, tied with Dale Murphy, and should enter the top 10 this year (Jim Thome is #2 on the list, but assuming he's done as an everyday player, he's likely to fall short of the 284 Ks he needs to catch Reggie). But Manny is #1 on the career K list of lifetime .300 hitters. Here's the top 10, or rather top 12 since #10-12 were so close together. I included in the chart BA-K, which is batting average when not striking out; BABIP, which is average on balls in play (i.e., when not striking out or homering); K/plate appearances; and BB/K ratio.

1Manny Ramirez17480.31394377962249454612830.4010.34418.5%0.73
2Alex Rodriguez17380.30596118304253158310600.3850.32618.1%0.61
3Willie Mays15260.3021249310881328366014640.3510.30212.2%0.96
4Derek Jeter14660.3179809865927472248850.3820.36214.9%0.60
5Frank Thomas13970.301100748199246852116670.3630.31013.9%1.19
6Hank Aaron13830.3051394012364377175514020.3430.2959.9%1.01
7Babe Ruth13300.342106178399287371420620.4060.34012.5%1.55
8Jimmie Foxx13110.32596708134264653414520.3880.33613.6%1.11
9Paul Molitor12440.3061216010835331923410940.3460.33010.2%0.88
10Chipper Jones12310.30792737825240642613430.3650.32113.3%1.09
11Larry Walker12310.3138030690721603839130.3810.33615.3%0.74
12Roberto Clemente12300.31710212945430002406210.3650.34612.0%0.50

A few interesting notes:

-Manny and Babe Ruth are the only guys on the list to bat .400 career when not striking out. Without checking, they may be the only ones ever; Rogers Hornsby batted .391 when not striking out, Ted Williams .379, Ty Cobb .385 for the years when we have strikeout data (1913-28, during which he hit .367, a point above to his career average), Ichiro .369, Albert Pujols .375.

-Only Jeter and Clemente here top Manny's .344 average on balls in play. Jeter's got to be near the top of that list all-time (Cobb's at .378 for the years we have strikeout data, Hornsby for his career is at .365, Ichiro .359, Pujols .321).

-Manny and A-Rod easily top the chart in stikeout frequency, not just totals, making their career averages that much more impressive.

-Clemente, unsurprisingly, has the worst BB/K ratio on the list, followed by Jeter and A-Rod; Ruth, of course, had the best.

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Very interesting stuff. Reaffirms what I have said here many times about Manny. Seven years of watching that guy hit were seven years of being treated to a legendary hitter's ABs. When he was locked in (end of 2007 + first 2 rounds of the playoffs) he was as difficult an out as you can imagine. The PED stuff will hang over him but maybe the greatest right-handed swing I have ever seen.

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