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April 20, 2010
WAR: Good Riddance

Thomas Joscelyn on the late, unlamented al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al Masri, killed by Iraqi security forces - and how an Al Qaeda jihadist and terrorist, veteran of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and associate of Zawahiri, came to be in Iraq in the spring of 2002, before the 2003, invasion in the first place.

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Crank why are you providing facts that undermine lefty articles of faith-they are incapable of rational thought. They have been told to forget everything from 1990-2003, to forget everything said and done to Iraq by the Clinton Admin,Congressional Dems the UN and the "world community during that period. Cowboy idiot GWB invaded to steal Iraqs oil and give it to the "big" oil companies and haliburton or whoever is the lefty bogeyman of the day-that is what Michael Morre told them, thats what Harry Reid, et al said-Bush Lied!!!!! You can sit here and disect their arguments like a lab frog and they are just so brain washed they will ignore it.

Posted by: dch at April 20, 2010 11:06 PM
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