I’d like to thank the Crank for the chance to add to this terrific blog. Hopefully, he’ll find my postings to be almost as entertaining and enjoyable as I find his.
First, the name: Mets fans will recognize it immediately. As to the rest of the readers, Kiner’s Korner was a post-Mets-game interview show hosted, at times with great difficulty, by Ralph Kiner in which he interviewed one of the stars of the day’s ballgame. Given that this was during the mid-to-late 1970s, a dark era for the franchise, it was frequently discouraging. I still remember John Stearns stating after an August ballgame that, “If each of us goes out there each game and gives it his all, we have a chance to play .500 baseball for the rest of the season.” As I said, those were dark days.
Second, I probably won’t add much diversification with my postings. I, too, am a Patriot League-educated, politically-conservative lawyer and Mets fan. I currently live in New England, however, so I might add an occasional bashing of the Boston Globe.