RELIGION: Fr. McFarland’s Continuing Missteps at Holy Cross

As the Crank, I’m an alum of Holy Cross and feel some obligation to comment on the Chris Matthews controversy. I don’t think there is much to say other than the obvious: Fr. McFarland has done a disservice to a great institution by his treatment of a strong supporter of the school. I actually agree with McFarland about the decision to honor Chris Matthews — if the school limited candidates for honorary degrees to only those individuals who agree with the Catholic Church’s teachings on every topic, graduation ceremonies would be very short (which wouldn’t be a bad thing!). However, certainly someone who has done as much for the school as Mr. Millard (sending 8 kids to the school, previously serving as chairman of the board of trustees, etc.) deserves better treatment. Add this to the growing list of complaints many alums have with McFarland; it seems as if not a year can pass without him handling a matter poorly. It will be interesting to see the impact this has on fundraising, esp. on the individual large dollar donations.

2 thoughts on “RELIGION: Fr. McFarland’s Continuing Missteps at Holy Cross”

  1. You’re right! Choosing a Pro Abortion Speaker after the Jesuits just came out with a Pro Life Statement doesn’t make sense for Catholic Holy Cross College, and is against Church Teaching!
    Ignoring alumni complaining about this and other abuses has become standard, so much so that we have formed the
    Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society to address its lack of Catholicity.
    Check out for a ton of information on what is relly going on at Holy Cross etc!. And a forum to express your thoughts.
    Thousands of alumni NOW support us!
    You can too!

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