OTHER Sorenstam’s Gamble

I just don’t see the point in the PGA trying to ban women in response to Annika Sorenstam entering a PGA event, or in Vijay Singh refusing to play against her. This isn’t Billie Jean King playing a washed-up has-been and declaring “victory” in “the Battle of the Sexes,” and it isn’t about a woman demanding a right to special treatment. As long as she hits off the same tees as the men, she has every right to play. Phil Mickelson said it best: “I look at the PGA Tour as being the tour for the best players in the world,” not just the best men. Men will always dominate the PGA anyway; where’s the harm in letting the best woman see how far she can go?

One thought on “OTHER Sorenstam’s Gamble”

  1. So why have different tours or different tees for that matter? Why not just have a major tour and a minor tour for all sexes?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against this. I think this event is going to be great to watch (if she makes the cut). I think its wrong because it is considered acceptable for a woman on the men’s tour, but unacceptable if the reverse were to happen. She hasn’t earned this chance or right to play because she is the best women’s golfer on the women’s tour or because she will be hitting from the same tees. Why couldn’t you use the same justification for a man who wasn’t as competitive on the PGA, but felt he could do better on the shorter tees of the LPGA.
    It’s not like she attempting to join the PGA through sponsor’s exemptions and by then earning enough money to get a PGA Tour Card. I mean she hand-picked this event because the course was catered to her style and then looked for the sponsor’s exemption! I think it would be more acceptable if she said that she was going to forego the women’s tour completely and try to join the PGA Tour, and if she didn’t earn enough money, then let her try her luck at Q-School.
    Until that happens, we’ll never know how she really stacks up against the other competition on the PGA Tour.
    With all that being said, just watch and enjoy the spectacle this weekend. If she makes the cut.

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