Newsweek has an unflattering portrait of Kobe Bryant, although really a lot of the stuff in here — about how he’s focused, driven and a loner — doesn’t seem that bad, really; I suspect they’re stretching to explain how such a squeaky-clean guy winds up accused of rape.
The article faults Kobe for putting himself in an ambiguous situation by failing to follow standard NBA practices for having casual sex with groupies:
[T]here are also rules of conduct off the court, and players usually swap the do�s and don�ts over dinner after a game. Rule No. 1: Let your crew approach the woman first, to size her up. One baller makes his bodyguards spell out in plain language to potential one-night-stands what the night�s activities will entail. If she hesitates, she�s turned away. Rule No. 2: Give nice parting gifts. One NBA star is known to travel with a treasure chest of diamond tennis bracelets to hand to conquests in appreciation.
This entire scene is appalling, obviously, but at least it does ensure that everyone involved is up front on what they’re getting into.