Plame Links 10/11/03

Follow these to the latest news: Tom Maguire and Kevin Drum on an unsourced column by Nicholas Kristof of the NYT about the CIA angle and Valerie Plame’s career, and TalkLeft with some speculation about White House emails mentioning the Wilsons.
One noteworthy point: if the disclosure of Plame’s name made it easy to blow the cover of her CIA front company employer (Brewster-Jennings) by checking FEC records, and if the CIA knew her identity had possibly been compromised years before by Aldrich Ames, why was she making a $1,000 political contribution and listing Brewster-Jennings as her employer, knowing that this put a connection between her and the company on the internet for all to see?
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One thought on “Plame Links 10/11/03”

  1. If Plame’s identity as a CIA officer was known as early as 1994 to have been revealed to the Russians, and she continued to use Brewster-Jennings & Associates as a cover, then the CIA obviously wasn’t making much of an effort to keep the company’s identity as a front secret. Or they’re idiots. (Or both.)
    This whole thing’s really beginning to reek.
    Why was Plame’s husband, Administration policy opponent Ambassador Wilson, chosen to investigate reports that Saddam had sought to obtain uranium from Niger? Why wasn’t he required to sign a secrecy agreement? Why did his investigation apparently consist of little more than sipping mint tea and talking to people at a hotel? Why did the CIA request a Justice Department investigation if Plame’s NOC cover was known to have been blown long ago, and she has supposedly worked in a state-side position for many years (hence strongly suggesting that 50 USC 421 does not apply to her)?

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