Your Marlins Fans

Dave Barry has the scoop on Marlins fans:
I’m a huge Marlins fan. I’ve been following this plucky team ever since they beat the San Francisco Giants, which was, what, nearly a week ago. I live and die by this team! When they win, I drink champagne and dance all night. This is also what I do when they lose, because there is no point in wasting champagne. But I dance in a more subdued manner.
(Hat tip to Baseball News Blog).
Of course, this is unfair; Marlins fans are very devoted to players like Dan Marino and (what’s that you say? Oh.) . . . seriously, ownership has treated Marlins fans with poorly disguised contempt, yet twice in seven seasons, they’ve been treated to a World Series. It hardly seems fair either way, and it’s no poor reflection on Miami fans if they’ve been bandwagon-jumpers, and tentative ones at that. But really, there were other fans who deserved this more.

One thought on “Your Marlins Fans”

  1. Just want you to know that there ARE indeed real Marlins fans out there, and we are passionate and knowledgeable.
    I remember skipping my afternoon classes at Florida State to watch their first game (Charlie Hough beating Orel Hershiser!), and have been both elated and heart-broken by their fortunes ever since (I would have been a fan of my home-town Senators had they not skipped town the year before I was born).
    I know that many people are disappointed by the Cubs’ losing (although it SHOULD only be Cubs fans… talk about band-wagons…) but I refuse to feel bad about cheering for my team and I am sick of hearing about how awful Marlins fans are. I know they haven’t shown up in droves the last few years but management hasn’t given them much reason. Seems most expnsion teams deal with that until they get established (even your Mets at first).
    If anyone else had bothered to actually take a look at the Marlins this year, they would have seen that they are by far, as a team and in pure baseball terms, the best story in baseball this year. You couldn’t write a script like this! They are young, mostly came up through their own system and have been together for a while (unlike the Cubs). They have fun, play the game the way it should be played and had to overcome immense obstacles over the course of the season. How can you not love Dontrelle, Cabrera and Mckeon?
    I am sorry they don’t have a century of misery behind them to make everyone love them, but I do think they are a very good team and definitely deserve to be where they are. And I don’t think that what fans ‘deserve’ should count in the equation one damn bit.
    I just hope to God they can beat the hated Yankees…

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