Beckett’s Charge

I have to agree with David Pinto, who crunches some hypothetical numbers on the topic, that starting Josh Beckett on 3 days’ rest in Game Six would be a necessary evil if thge Marlins’ backs were against the wall (although recall that the Red Sox didn’t do that with Pedro in the ALCS even when it meant starting John “Line Drive” Burkett), but starting him with a 3-2 series lead is just not a good idea and reeks of Bobby Cox-style foot-shooting. In fact, I’d say that while it looks like he’s going for the jugular, Jack McKeon is really managing scared, afraid to keep his ace in the hole for Game Seven. I’m not even 100% sure that I buy McKeon’s core assumption here — that Carl Pavano is so much better than Mark Redman that it’s worth throwing both Pavano and Beckett on short rest, although Redman wasn’t the same pitcher in August and September as he’d been at the beginning of the season.