As The Mad Hibernian notes below, Dan Okrent is taking over as ombusdman at the New York Times; ScrappleFace had a great comment on this.
Besides rotisserie baseball, Okrent should be revered by baseball fans everywhere for an even more important discovery: he’s the man who discovered Bill James and introduced him to a mass audience, over some resistance from traditional journalists and “fact-checkers” who just assumed that James’ opinions and analyses could not be correct because they conflicted with conventional wisdom. Dr. Manhattan saw the significance for the Times of James’ challenge to conventional wisdom back in July: “This story has additional resonance in light of the Jayson Blair scandals.”
Yes, it does. Okrent will need that same iconoclastic streak if he wants to make a dent in the way the NYT peddles conventional wisdom today.

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  1. Man, I knew I recognized that name from somewhere! Now I know, thanks to the Crank.
    (that’s at least two things you’ve cleared up for me, and probably more.)

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