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I’m overdue to update my seat-by-seat rundowns of the Senate races from last November. One thing that’s changed is that rumors of John McCain’s retirement haven’t panned out, and McCain seems likely to cruise to re-election now that Congressman Jeff Flake has dropped a potential primary challenge. Moreover, as to desultory rumors of McCain challenging Bush in 2004, “McCain . . . answered the question of what he’s going to be doing in 2004 pretty decisively when he signed on as co-chair of President Bush’s re-election campaign in Arizona. “
Then there’s Louisiana, a Democratic lock if moderate John Breaux runs for re-election but another major potential GOP pickup in the South if he doesn’t (notwithstanding the Louisiana Democrats’ last-minute survival in the 2002 and 2003 elections). Breaux is still mulling whether he wants to spend at least the next four years in the minority, but he’s promised to serve out his term rather than let new Democratic governor Kathleen Blanco appoint a successor. The GOP would presumably like to run Bobby Jindal, who ran a respectable race for governor and whose biggest liability may be his youth, but another thought occurs to me: isn’t Tommy Thompson leaving office at HHS next year? Maybe Bush will appoint Jindal to succeed him. He’s almost certainly the most qualified guy for the job.

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