For Yankee fans wondering what you’re getting in your new starting pitcher, consider this comparison for the years 2001-2003:

Pitcher IP/Year ERA H/9 HR/9 BB/9 K/9 ERA+
Mike Mussina 219.2 3.52 8.22 0.93 1.78 8.07 127
Javier Vazquez 228.1 3.52 8.39 1.05 1.97 8.26 131

Answer: if you’re not getting Mike Mussina, you’re getting as close a facsimile as you could possibly ask for without violating Mussina’s copyright, except 8 years younger and — for now at least — a whole lot cheaper. In fact, the ERA+ and Innings Pitched figures suggest he may actually have been more valuable the past three years. Like Moose, his main problem is the gopher ball. Will he win in New York? Well . . .
ERA of NL starting pitchers in 2003: 4.41
ERA of AL starting pitchers in 2003: 4.66
Difference: 5.67%
Vazquez 2003 ERA + 5.67% = 3.42
Clemens/Pettitte/Wells/Mussina 2003 ERA: 3.84
Clemens/Pettitte/Wells/Mussina 2003 W-L: 70-32
Yeah, I think he can win a few games with the support the Yankees can give him. Vazquez’ health is a bit of a question mark — as with any pitcher, really — but unless Nick Johnson can put together a full, healthy season some day, he’s a steal.

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