It Gets Late Early Around Here

For a little perspective on the Democratic primaries — or, perhaps, perspective on how they’ve changed in 12 short years — check out at least one national poll for the Democrats in December 1991 (source: Daily Kos), which in theory should be the same point in the process as we’re at today:

Mario Cuomo – 33%
Jerry Brown – 15
Douglas Wilder – 9
Bob Kerrey – 8
Tom Harkin – 7
Bill Clinton – 6
Paul Tsongas – 4
Undecided/Others – 18

Of course, #1 never entered the race, which is much like the current polls would look if they were still listing Hillary! in every poll. It may be harder for anyone today to roar from the back of the pack this late in the game, especially where Howard Dean has already pulled the same trick.