The Dean Legacy

Thanks among other things to the radically redistributive tax plan imposed by Howard Dean’s school-funding scheme, Act 60, officials in the ski resort of Killington, Vermont want to secede and join New Hampshire:

They say the town’s restaurants, inns and other businesses send $10 million a year to the state capital in sales, room and meal taxes, but the state returns just $1 million in state aid to Killington.

Of course, as Vermont officials note, this would require “an armed insurrection type of thing,” particularly since Killington is 25 miles from the border.
So there you have it: “Howard Dean – not quite bad enough to make you want to take up arms to escape his policies!”
On another note, Tim Graham at NRO catches a Dean quote cited by Eric Alterman questioning the Bush Administration’s patriotism, a common theme from Dean, Clark and Kerry this election cycle:

I think there are some similarities between George Bush�s Administration and Richard Nixon�s Administration: a tremendous cynicism about the future of the country; a lack of ability to instill hope in the American people; a war which doesn�t have clear principles behind it; and a group of people around the President whose main allegiance is to each other and their ideology rather than to the United States.

(Emphasis added).

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