No ‘Lanche

I shouldn’t complain, since I had my biggest traffic day ever yesterday on a Sunday, but in response to the Paul O’Neill controversy, I emailed Instapundit my link to the Bush-Gore debate on Iraq, and he excerpted it with my boldface included but linked only to the original source. (It would have been ironic to get a link from Instaman, since this entry was from a year and a half ago and also generated my one and only link from Andrew Sullivan).
Of course, Glenn now complains that he’s got a 3,500 message backlog on email, so I can’t be too hard on him for linking without thanking. But a little link love would have been nice.
UPDATE: I get no credit when he re-uses the boldfaced quote over at I don’t mean to pick on Instapundit, who’s usually pretty good about sharing his traffic with less-trafficked bloggers. I’m just being petty. . . I guess if I had more free time I could try doctoring pictures of him putting puppies in a blender, but I’m not that desperate for traffic.