The Memorial

Zev Chafets argues that the WTC memorial proposal is distinctively Israeli in style, and attributes this to the fact that its designer is Israeli. Key quote: “Israelis understand how to commemorate mass murder the way Eskimos know how to deal with snowstorms.”
I had posted this comment over at Michele’s place, where she was criticizing the two-reflecting-pools design for being too cold and sterile: I didn’t really look at the alternatives, but as somebody who worked in Tower One, I like the idea of being able to go back and stand where the plaza was and reorient myself to the holes where the towers stood; one thing that’s unsettling about downtown now is the sense of having lost exactly where the towers were.
Rebuild the towers? Emotionally, I love it. Practically, who the hell wants to go back and work there? Not my firm, I’ll tell you that. Rebuilding two 110-story towers and getting stuck with empty floors because few companies can get their employees to go back or can afford the insurance. . . that would be more depressing than anything.

One thought on “The Memorial”

  1. I think my whole “rebuild the Towers” thing was more emotional than realistic.
    After some soul-searching I realized that I would not be happy with anything they put there. What I really want is to go back to 9/10/01. In lieu of that, I’ll just settle for going to the cemetery to pay my repsects when I can.

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