Lurching to the Right

Last year, I thought the Twins’ best postseason bet rode on Johan Santana dominating the Yankees in a short series. That didn’t really work out. Obviously, it still does. But these Yankees are no longer vulnerable to lefthanded pitching; just look at new acquisitions Gary Sheffield (.314/.550/.423 against lefties this season) and Alex Rodriguez (.311/.659/.422). Combine those guys with a big year for Jeter against lefties (.314/.532/.378), and suddenly you have a team that looks more like lefty-mashers.

3 thoughts on “Lurching to the Right”

  1. Santana will be the #1 fantasy pitcher going into next season (barring injury).
    Lord knows I tried to make a trade for him in my league.

  2. Yeah, I had Santana on one of my Roto teams this year (I got him cheap on both teams last year), but it will be tougher next season.

  3. I don’t know that it’s a huge deal whether Santana is a lefty or not. For most other guys I think it would, and so it’s not so important that the Twins don’t have another lefty in the rotation. But with Santana he’s just dominated everyone. Hopefully he can continue that through this post-season. If the Twins win tonight I like their chances. Santana will almost be assured of another start, and the Twins will only have to win one of the other three. If the Twins lose tonight I think you can pretty much stick a fork in them. Hopefully, one way or the other, tonight’s game is better than the two played before it.

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