Shallow Thoughts

I’m too late into the game to do LDS (gag) predictions, so let me offer a few totally unoriginal thoughts before we go further:
*Can the Red Sox go all the way? Only if they don’t face the Yankees. No, there’s no point in analyzing that rationally at this stage. It just will not happen.
*Can the Yankees go all the way? I just don’t see it. I know I go back and forth on the Yankees every year, but let’s be realistic – they don’t have the pitching. The bullpen isn’t deep, not since Quantrill’s arm finally fell off in August, and the starting rotation, even with three #1 starters, lacks a single pitcher you can genuinely bank on at this point in the season. They may go far, but eventually that has to catch up with them. Alex Belth’s pre-season comparison to the 1987 Mets looks a lot better now, although as I said at the time, the better analogy is the 1999 Indians.
*On the Yankee front, by the way, A-Rod fell four RBI short of 110, so his streak of consecutive seasons of 110 runs and 110 RBI ends at six, one short of tying Babe Ruth and Jimmie Foxx for the third longest such streak of all time.
*The Cards, although they have their own pitching issues, are just way, way too strong for the rest of the NL field. The only team I thought could have derailed them was the Cubs, given the possibility of a sudden hot streak by the Cub pitchers.
*Go read Simmons on the Red Sox if you haven’t yet.

6 thoughts on “Shallow Thoughts”

  1. Sox win Friday or Saturday, Schilling and Pedro rest up for games 1 and 2 with at least 5 days of rest.
    The Yankees lose one in the Metrodome, come back Sunday with Mussina facing Santana.
    Games 1 and 2 put well rested Schilling and Martinez up against somebody other than Mussina, and somebody likely working on no more than 3 days rest.
    Last year the Sox came in drained, and had to rely on Burkett twice? And who was their closer? And how bad was their defense?
    And they lost in the 7th game on a walk-off HR in extra innings.
    It can happen this year.
    (But I’m not going to say it will happen!)
    And can happen.

  2. I only saw the end of the game when Jetter scored from 3rd. What a weak throw from right field? That was pretty sad.

  3. My head tells me that you’re right about St. Louis.
    Their offense is so strong, that beating them will take a slugfest. But my heart tells me that the Stos can do the unthinkable.

  4. I’m not a Yankees fan but feel compelled to point out that Quantrill got the win last night. So they must have reattached that arm you said fell off.

  5. If you’re right that the Yankees can’t go all the way because they “don’t have the pitching” (and you are), then you’re wrong in saying that the Red Sox can’t get past the Yankees to go all the way.
    Schilling and Martinez have set the tone for the Red Sox’ post-season rotation. The Red Sox offense showed last night that they can beat anybody’s bullpen (the intimidating K-Rod was the loser last night).
    The Yankees have a great offense and a great closer. That’s it. Their rotation is nothing to write home about; their defense is good but not great; their bullpen (other than Rivera) is mediocre.
    The Red Sox, on the other hand, are the most balanced team in baseball. Their offense is excellent; their rotation is first-rate; their defense (thanks to great work by the front office and renewed focus on the field in the second half) is the best among the post-season teams; their middle relief is solid; and their closer, though not at Rivera’s level (who is?), is excellent.
    I’m not making any ultimate predictions here; I don’t know how far the Red Sox will go this year. But I do know that I’m not afraid of the New York Yankees.

  6. Crank has extended his growing irrationality on politics into his discussions on baseball!

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