Who Said It?

On catching bin Laden – January 20, 2002:

“The bottom line is that the closest we came was in Tora Bora. I do think some people have asked some questions about how that particular component of the mission sort of played out. But the fact is that it is a difficult place. He is elusive.
I think they are doing the maximum amount right now possible to try to track him down. And it is an extraordinarily hard thing for him to hide somewhere. I mean, over a period of time, I think, he is in trouble.”

(Emphasis added). If you’ve been following this campaign, you can probably guess who.

3 thoughts on “Who Said It?”

  1. They are�which may be their primary use.
    It�s just getting a lot harder to be a politician who says diametrically different things to different audiences or simply flips positions depending on how the wind is blowing. Kerry is obviously a major offender at this, but he�s by no means the only one and by no means is it a uniquely Democratic tendency (although I agree with the Crank that it�s one shared by their last few nominees).
    I wonder if, long term, the medium will lead to politicians simply giving less public statements and interviews or even – dare I say it – being more honest.

  2. The rise in the ability to quickly track and organize past statements is good news for guys like Bush who rarely speak off the cuff and don’t have decades in the business. Besides the more egregious flip-floppers it can also be bad news for guys like Dean and McCain who speak first and think later.

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