The Playoffs

Yes, I’m aware, as one of my commenters noted below, that there’s been a lot of politics and not so much baseball here lately. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a bit more baseball coverage as we get further on. But I’ll be frank here: between my lack of much rooting interest in these playoffs, the dispiriting collapse of the Mets, the fact that I’ve been doing this for five years now and sometimes run out of new things to say about baseball, and the high stakes of this year’s presidential election, yes, I expect to be doing a lot of politics between now and November 2. And if you do come just for the baseball – and I appreciate that many of you do – you can always hit the “Click Here For Baseball-Only Content” link at the top to make the rest of the posts disappear.

3 thoughts on “The Playoffs”

  1. Dear Mr. Crank,
    Don’t you know you should be writing about things that interest ME!! I don’t care if it is your time, your money and your site. I’m the customer here, I’m the one ultimately paying the bills!!! If you don’t start writing what I want to read I’m not paying last month’s bill!!
    A Loyal Customer

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