Dumb Question

Bush and Cheney rip into Kerry for his remarks in that NY Times Magazine profile, drawing this response:

“I think you have to ask yourself, why are they so interested in attacking John Kerry?” the campaign’s national chairwoman, Jeanne, Shaheen, told CNN’s “American Morning.”
“I think the answer is pretty clear it’s because they don’t want to talk about the issues that people are facing.”

Um, maybe because Kerry is, you know, running against Bush?
It is, of course, a bad sign when a campaign does nothing but attack. But really, you have to be living in la-la land to think Bush hasn’t campaigned on the basis of his own past record and future platform. Whining about being criticized for the candidate’s own, rather lengthy and detailed remarks on the primary issue of the campaign is just weak and pathetic.
If anything, I almost feel bad for Kerry staffers trying to explain away this interview, which really can’t be defended on the merits and shows staggeringly bad political judgment in addition to the bad strategic thinking on national security.

4 thoughts on “Dumb Question”

  1. I have this image of the next debate – when Kerry says “I have a plan”, a chorus starts singing:
    plan, plan, plan, plan
    plan, plan, plan, plan
    lovely plan, wonderful plan…

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