Deja Vu

As you can tell from my debate summary, I missed most of the ballgames last night. Of course, that’s aside from the fact that Major League Baseball scheduled the two games to run against each other . . .
On the Yanks-Sox side, Pedro running out of gas has become a theme. You may have been surprised when it was John Olerud who delivered the knockout blow, given Olerud’s struggles the past two seasons; even in his rejuvenated form with the Yankees, Olerud didn’t hit for power. But the unflappable Olerud has long had a knack for big hits against top pitchers, especially when the rest of the team is hitting. On the NL side, any series with the Cardinals in it will be a long one for pitchers on both sides.

One thought on “Deja Vu”

  1. I wouldn’t characterize what happened last night as “Pedro running out of gas”. Everybody knows that Martinez is good for about 100 pitches and then it’s over. It was going to be his last inning even if he had gone 1-2-3.
    For Martinez to go 6 full innings, giving up four hits and three runs, and getting 7 Ks is a very good outing. Had the Red Sox offense played as they usually do (i.e. averaging 6 runs/game), it would have been good enough for a W. From a Red Sox point of view, the problem was not that Pedro ran out of gas; it was that they couldn’t score against Lieber.
    As a Red Sox fan, of course I’m disappointed that they didn’t win last night, and I’m apprehensive about the rest of the series. But I certainly don’t blame Pedro Martinez. He pitched well enough for the Red Sox to win, but the offense let down the side.

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