To The Brink

Astros have just tied Game 6 of the NLCS 4-4 in the ninth against Jason Isringhausen.
RUNNING UPDATES: Somehow, Izzy got out of the jam, and we go to the bottom of the ninth with Albert Pujols leading off against Brad Lidge. What will FOX do if this game goes extra innings and runs into the Sox-Yankees game?
You have to say Jeff Bagwell has redeemed himself in this postseason, the game-tying hit here being another example.
OK, I don’t think I’ll be updating this one – still got too much else to take care of before the AL game. Bottom of the 11th.
One more: Take that, Jeff Kent. Two-run walk-off homer by Jim Edmonds to send this to Game Seven, just minutes before the opening of the ALCS Game Seven. I’m wondering if any postseason series has seen walk-off homers by both teams – I’ll probably think of one later if it’s been done.

4 thoughts on “To The Brink”

  1. In NY and Boston, World War III probably wouldn’t preempt the AL game.
    In neutral markets like down here, they’ll probably see this one through.

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