Open War Is Upon You, Whether You Would Risk It Or Not

Radical Islam apparently didn�t get the memo that Spain is supposed to be on the sidelines of the War on Terror:

The suspected leader of a militant Muslim cell plotted to deal Spain the �biggest blow of its history� � a suicide truck bomb laden with half a ton of explosives aimed at killing the country�s top judges investigating Islamic terror and destroying their case files, officials said Wednesday.
Police said they had intercepted hundreds of letters from suspected cell members in which they said they were willing to stage suicide attacks.
The plot to blow up the National Court, Spain�s nerve center for investigating Islamic terror, was detailed in a report from the National Police intelligence unit obtained by the Associated Press. The report quotes a protected witness who had been in contact with the suspected ringleader Mohamed Achraf, an Algerian born in the United Arab Emirates.

Thankfully, tragedy was averted�this time. We should take this kind of thing personally. Despite its distasteful current government, Spain is our NATO ally. An attack on it should be treated like an attack on us. We should do all we can to help the people of Spain defend themselves. Only by banding together can the countries of NATO and the world defeat the scourge which threatens us all. Terrorism is not a nuisance which can be simply wished away or fought by law enforcement alone, not by the United States and not by Spain.
Welcome back to the fight.

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  1. I could have sworn Hitler would have been happy when France giftwrapped Czechoslovakia for him!

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