Redbirds & Red Sox

This should be a great World Series. Brian Gunn over at Redbird Nation has a typically excellent recap of last night�s game, including this line:

Jeff Suppan outdueled Roger Clemens tonight. You know that, I know that, but I don’t care — I’m gonna say it again because I like the way it rolls off the tongue: Jeff. Suppan. Outdueled. Roger. Clemens.

And I liked these comments about the Astros:

[T]hey played some great ball against us. When one samurai warrior defeats another, he doesn’t gloat over him; he thanks him for giving him a worthy competition, for bringing out his best. These Astros brought out the best in us. And even though I don’t feel great about denying them the first World Series in their entire existence, I thank them all the same.

For the Sox side, you�ll probably want to read Bill Simmons if you haven�t already.
Finally, since you�re going to hear a lot about the 1967 Series in the next week or so, you might as well brush up on the facts of that one. As for predictions, I�m really on the fence about this series, but here goes: Cardinals in 7.
UPDATE (From the Crank, who’s been very happy to see the Mad Hibernian at least temporarily back on the blog): You can get more on Bob Gibson, the hero of that 1967 series, in my extended comparison of Gibson to 1926 World Series hero Grover Alexander.

6 thoughts on “Redbirds & Red Sox”

  1. I’m spent… drained… numb… and I just watched these games on TV. Good luck to both of these teams, for what should be a great series. How any of them have anything left in the tank, though, is beyond me.
    Between TSG and RBN, I’m looking forward to the coverage as much as the games.
    I’m thinking Cardinals in 6 or 7.

  2. Sports journalists are almost as lazy as political journalists.
    Who buys Francona’s argument about starting Wakdfield over Martinex in Game 1?
    I’d guess Schilling or Lowe health is questionable. Wakefield could end up going in 1 and 4, for example.
    How could Francona not be second guessed about this?

  3. I see Fidel Castro fell down and broke his arm & knee.
    He’s old. He’s Cuban. He’s physically suspect.
    Call George Steinbrenner.
    We’ve just found him another starting pitcher

  4. My newspaper is trying to tell me that this is the Red Sox 11th pennant, but I only count 10. Who’s right?

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