The Next Big Baseball Scandal

You heard it here first (I think):
1. The Yankees now have an enormous incentive to convince Jason Giambi to retire so they can get out of his contract (have the insurance company pay it, maybe get relief on the luxury tax).
2. The Yankees are, presumably, in possession of Giambi’s medical records, which may indicate things Giambi doesn’t want publicized.
3. As you may remember from the Dave Winfield/Howard Spira saga, Steinbrenner is not above getting involved in some pretty seedy things, potentially including extortion and blackmail, when he has a grudge against one of his own players.
This is all speculation, of course; I don’t know anything more than you do about any of this. But if I was with the Players’ Union, I’d be watching very carefully to see that undue influences aren’t brought on Giambi to retire.

3 thoughts on “The Next Big Baseball Scandal”

  1. But if Giambi could not play anymore, would not the situation mirror Albert Belle’s, where the O’s still paid his contract but insurance picked up much of the tab?

  2. This will be curious, because if the Yanks have any intention to do anything on the offensive side of the game then something has to give. I don’t think it’s quite a conspiratorial as you do (even though, as a Yankee fan, I am still a realist), but nothing surprises me these days.

  3. Interesting……I hadn’t considered that.
    However, should they be successful & use the money to pick up Beltran, they’ll still need a quality LHP….and who would they put at 1B? Olerud? Sierra?
    Julio Franco is a free-agent. 🙂

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