Color Me Skeptical

A big, campaign-moving story needs no introduction. Thus, for all the Josh Marshall-style hype here, here and here about a Washington Times story breaking Monday “that the Kerry campaign will be forced to address regarding a previous criticism of Bush’s foreign policy” and that constitutes “another chapter in the story of John Kerry making stuff up,” I’m doubtful that whatever it is will move the needle much in the campign, especially since Big Media outlets often take several days to check into stories from the Washington Times.
The bloggers in question are pushing this story in part because they apparently did the research on the issue, which is one of numerous reasons to think it’s not a game-breaker like the status or whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. But if everyone is playing the speculation game, the hint that Kerry will be forced to address the story suggests to me that it could be something about Cuba, which has obvious electoral significance.

One thought on “Color Me Skeptical”

  1. One thing’s for sure: by hyping it so much, they’ve guaranteed that it’ll be underwhelming when it finally comes out.

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